We transport solutions.

Excellent Quality

Since 1995, Hamacher Transport has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in the fields of national and international forwarding, transport and storage.

Since 2004, the company has been certified by the European Chemical Industry Association (CEFIC) according to SQAS (Safety and Assessment System). This ensures the safety and quality of a transport company to a high degree.

Euro 6 - black turns blue

The entire Hamacher transport fleet is equipped with new, future-oriented engine technology and AdBlue additives for emission reduction. These vehicles meet the strict requirements of the EURO 6 standard.

The "blue" fuel additive (AdBlue) is for us more than the mere fulfilment of legal environmental protection requirements. In addition to the goal of the greatest possible environmental compatibility and lowest emissions, commercial requirements are also fulfilled in the sense of cost reducing transport possibilities. As a result, the vehicle fleet of Hamacher Transport is significantly more economical, saving fuel as well as tolls.

ADR - Hazardous goods on the safe side

In order to ensure that hazardous goods reach their respective destination safely at all times, the entire vehicle fleet of Hamacher Transporte is equipped according to "ADR", Accord européen relative international transport des marchandises dangereuses par route.

The load securing equipment carried on each truck ensures safe transportation. Of course all drivers also hold ADR licences.

Maintenance - consistent quality through continuity

A state-of-the-art transport fleet is only as efficient as its overall condition. Hamacher Transporte has always operated its own workshop with leading edge technology, tools and skilled personnel.

This ensures that the entire vehicle fleet is always in top condition, ready for deployment.

Clean quality

Through the use of its own, state-of-the-art and resource-friendly washing lines, the Hamacher Transporte fleet is always "clean" on the road. In addition to efficient fuel consumption, this also applies to the external appearance, image-promoting not just to Hamacher Transporte, but to our customers as well.

In addition, the cleanliness also contributes to traffic safety, since both lighting and warning notices of the individual trucks are clearly visible to other traffic participants, day and night.

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