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For more than 80 years on the road

1935 founding „Spedition Matthias Hamacher KG (limited Partnership)“ by Matthias Hamacher
World War 2 almost caused demise to the young firm. Due to war related events nearly all of the former vehicle fleet got destroyed. Only one small scale truck, hidden under straw, was left. Notwithstanding, Matthias Hamacher and his wife Henriette put all effort into the rebuilding process of the firm.

1970 Second Generation: Dipl. Kaufm. (graduate economist) Walter Hamacher becomes Managing Director
After the founder’s death in 1970, his first born son Walter continued the business.

1989 Acquisition of „Dürener Speditionsgesellschaft LLC“ 
Dürener Spedition LLC was founded in 1932 by three entrepreneurs named Bauer, Schwaertzel and Weyrauch. After the war it became one of the most competitive logistics service providers in the region. It had established close ties to Deutsche Bundesbahn (German Railway Company), hence offering proficient transportation services via railway. Walter Hamacher acquired Dürener Spedition LLC in 1989.

1998 Merger of „Spedition Matthias Hamacher KG“ and „Dürener Speditionsgesellschaft LLC“
The two firms merged completely in 1998. The newly designed entity was named “Hamacher Transporte Dürener Spedition GmbH & Co KG”.

2004 Third Generation: M.A. Christiane Claßen, Hamacher born and bred, becomes Managing Director
She strengthens the management of the family-run company. With a degree in "Applied Cultural Science (Business Administration)" and her practical expertise she is excellently qualified to take the transportation and logistics service provider forward into the future.

2006 Third Generation: Andreas Hamacher ( MBA ) becomes General Manager
Andreas Hamacher, son of Walter Hamacher, has undergone rigorous education both in Germany and abroad (i.a. USA) within the logistics service provider sector. Moreover, he is a graduate of the reputable Deutschen Außenhandels- und Verkehrsakademie (German Academy of Foreign Trade and Transport). His profound level of knowledge of the business niche Hamacher Transporte is operating in, has become a major asset to the firm.

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